Phonopack is your partner for record covers and disco sleeves, packaging materials and related further services. All covers and sleeves come from our own production and are produced on specially designed machines. Our packaging materials are designed for records and guarantee easy handling. We also gladly take on various manual activities.

cover and sleeves for vinyl records


Our covers and disco sleeves are made of durable GD2 and Kraftpack carton, providing the best protection for vinyl records. In addition to the classic white, black and brown versions, we also offer covers in the colours red, green, blue, yellow and silver. White and black covers and discos can also be ordered as inside out (rough inside is turned outward and printed).

Customer-specific designs are no problem for us either. With the product Customised printed cover and disco sleeves, we produce customised covers according to the print template. We are also happy to implement special customer requests on request.

All sleeves can be ordered without a centre hole, with only one centre hole or with two centre holes.

PE and PVC sleeves

PE and PVC sleeves from phonopack are made of durable plastic and therefore offer the best protection for records.

Depending on the material and record size we offer different variants suitable for the loose vinyl record (Picture Disc), for disco sleeves or covers as well as a variant with self-adhesive closing flap. PCV covers for gatefold covers with four open sides are also available in our shop.


cardboard packaging


In our shop we offer matching shipping boxes for 25, 50 and 100 vinyl records (based on 3mm cover with one record). The small 25-cardboard can be used as inserts in 50 and 100 cartons for better handling.

Empty spaces can also be filled with filling plates, which can also be purchased in our shop.

Our cartons are made of high quality BC and EB corrugated cardboard and consist of a strong outer layer of kraftliner and a cushioning inner layer of corrugated cardboard. This provides the best protection against impacts.
Carved edges ensure simplified folding and the rounded outer edges ensure a low risk of injury.

further services


In addition to the prodocts in our shop, we offer further services around the packaging of vinyl records.

Prices on request to

  • assambling of records with covers and sleeves
  • inserting of additional materialsuch as download codes
  • stickering
  • stamping
  • shrink- wrapping
  • packaging and shipping